Amazing Gifts To Surprise Traveler Friend On New Year

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New Year is a beautiful day to enjoy life at it’s fullest. It is the day when many people make plans together, some of them plan to party while others choose to go on trips and adventures with their loved ones. It is a day we thank the Lord for all the beautiful memories of the past year and prays for even better ones in the coming one.

Travelling is a sport that allows you to distress and rejuvenates your spark. With the harsh living conditions and stressfully busy life, travelling can be a boon in our lives. It enables us to explore places that are like heaven and helps us meet new people and make friends for experience. We travel in life for various purposes such as for business or for adventures during which we may commute by a train or an airplane. During these long journeys, we come across so many people who leave a mark on our heart and mind. These impressions can be through discussions and through adventuring together.

While two people meet and bond during a new year through a trip or a vacation, it is an inevitable part to gift each other that marks their memorable journey.

But what should you gift? We have got you covered with five simple yet great gift ideas that will prove as a significant investment to boost up your relationship.


Books are man’s best friend. When you have a book, there is nothing that you need to keep you company at home or on solo journeys. A good novel can even be a conversation starter with someone new and can help you make friends. They just make you get so deeply involved in someone’s character and so make sure it’s a strong one. It helps elaborate one’s imagination and vocabulary.


Cakes are a great way to celebrate something happy while departing with each other and with the promises of the next trip you can arrange a New Year cake. You can cut the cake together to celebrate the incredible journey you had and with the planning of your next one. A cake can effectively help you to strengthen your bond with the other person and makes the moment more memorable and beautiful. You can dig in deep to know which cake your fellow traveler loves to drool on and go for the same. Gifting such a cake will make the other person feel special and appreciated.

Fanny Pack:

A fanny pack is best for someone who loves to travel. Travelers usually have so much to carry with them that they always need some extra space to keep that last moment hygiene, maps, compass, money, passport necessities. If your fellow traveler loves going on trips and often does so, you can gift him or her a fanny pack without a second thought. Make sure that the colour and style of that fanny pack matched their style statement for which you can closely observe their belongings to get an idea of the same. This will be an asset to them and will always remind them of you whenever they go to their next trip.

Fitness Accessories:

Fitness has now become a necessity for each one. With our busy lifestyles and desk jobs, we are unable to keep ourselves healthy and fit. To remind your travel buddy to stay fit every day, gift them something that helps him in their fitness as well as health. You can keep these tools compact in sizes, such as a skipping rope or a small dumbbell that allows him to train while he is on the run or his trips.

Aviator Sunshades:

Shades are an essential accessory and are a must for anyone looking for that relaxed or professional look. It can step up your dressing game to a 100 within a second. When we talk about aviators, they are a classic example of shades that are a significant investment in any friendship. They may be a tad bit expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Going on a tour together can make two people connect so profoundly that cannot be put down in words. A traveler friend can sometimes stand out to be your best friend if you can communicate with them to a deeper level. Even if you are geographically apart, such as you being in Bangalore and they being in Gurgaon, you can still Order cake and flowers online in Gurgaon to remind them of the fantastic time you shared on the trip. Sometimes the amount of time that is shared between two people cannot decide how close they are. It can be someone you met a week before or someone you know for years, and still, the previous one will win your heart as a friend.

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