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Have you ever watched the thriller Gone girl? If not, you are missing this fantastic thriller. The gone girl explains the life of two writers who get married and portray themselves as the power plus a loving couple. After moving to New York, things get super complicated between the two. On their fifth wedding anniversary, the husband Nick Dunnes moves out of the house to meet his sister at the bar. Upon reaching he receives a call regarding the missing of his glamorous wife Amy. After plenty of investigations, the police raise questions regarding the nature or reputation of Nick Dunnes. And that’s how things become super complex and confusing.

Cast- Ben Affleck and Rosamund pike

Director- David Fincher

Producer– Arnon Milchan

Box office– 369.3 million USD dollars

Release Date- October 3, 2014

Top 10 Movies Like Gone Girl

  1. A Simple Favor
  2. The Girl on The Train
  3. Nightcrawler
  4. Prisoners
  5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  6. Shutter Island
  7. Gone Baby Gone
  8. Zodiac
  9. Memento
  10. Fight Club

1. A Simple Favor 

A simple favor - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The movie simple favour released in the year 2018, is a mixture of both black comedy and a plot explaining dark murder mystery.

The movie was directed by the famous Ghostbuster movie director Paul Feig. The movie simple favour shows the life of a mommy who is a blogger, and she somehow ends up in a friendship with Nelsy who has an unusual character.

The movie is similar to Gone girl. In which one of the characters vanishes right in the middle of the plot and reappears at the end.

2. The Girl on the Train  

The Girl on the Train - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The all-time famous blockbuster movie The girl on the train was produced and directed by Tate Taylor. The movie explains the life and journey of a divorcee Racheal who was an alcoholic and gets confused and mixed up in a certain woman missing investigation.

She travels on the train daily to notice the life of a woman and her life. The movie received a lot of praise and is solely based on social and domestic issues.

3. Nightcrawler   

nightcrawler - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The Nightcrawler movie was directed by Dan Gilroy. The movie received great praise and was ranked a high number over Rotten Tomatoes. Nightcrawler was indeed a blockbuster and it achieved a blockbuster six times that of its production.

The movie shows the life of a photojournalist Lou Bloom who succeeds more and more to adapt to psychotic activities and behaviors.

4. Prisoners 

Prisoners - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

To have Gone girl feels, the movie Prisoners released in the year 2013 is a must-watch. The movie explains the journey of a desperate and distressed father who works day and night to find her missing daughter and her friend.

The father role is played by Hugh Jackson who works with police detective Jake Gyllen. They work hard to find the cause and people behind the disappearance of the two girls. The movie was indeed an all-time famous blockbuster.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The girl with the dragon tattoo was published before Gone Girl and it was directed by David Fincher as well. The movie casts James Bond and Rooney Mara, both characters who work intensely to disentangle the mystery behind the vanishing of women.

Both Gone girl and the girl with dragon tattoo had their gems and it’s hard to decide which one is on top of the other.

6. Shutter Island 

Shutter island - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The movie shutter island features the actors Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo. The movie shows a psychiatric facility located in one of the remote areas called shutter island.

The movie explains the arrival of two US marshals who upon reaching come across many harsh and dark secrets of the island.

7. Gone Baby Gone 

Gone baby gone - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

Another top hit similar to Gone Girl is the movie Gone Baby gone. Even the title of both movies matches all the way. The movie was directed by the main actor of the Gone girl film, Ben.

The movie casts two famous actors who work intensely to investigate the disappearance of a child. The movie was a super hit in the year 2007 and gives the ultimate thriller feels.

8. Zodiac 

Zodiac - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The movie Zodiac was directed by the same director as the film Gone Girl. Both movies show a great vibe. The movie explains the life of a true serial killer who created great havoc in San Francisco Bay.

The havoc he created was pretty much worse. The killer was known as the Zodiac killer. The movie was a blockbuster and loved by all the fans.

9. Memento  

Memento - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The movie memento was directed by The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan. The movies explain the story of an investigator who with short-term memory loss tries to find the killer of his wife.

10. Fight Club 

Fight club - Movies Like Gone Girl - click42

The movie memento was directed by The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan. The movies explain the story of an investigator who with short-term memory loss tries to find the killer of his wife.

This movie is a big-time photographic trendy classic. The movie stars Brad Pitt and Edward Nolan. The two men fight in clubs but later the fighting turns into something much worse and crazy.

Q1. What should I watch if I like gone, girl?

Well, there are plenty of other Gone girls like movies. The above-listed movies are all one way or the other movies similar to Gone Girl. They are the most fantastic thrillers with action and mystery vibes. If you have already watched Gone girl you can watch shutter island, fight club, or The Girl on the train.

Q2. Is there a second movie like Gone girl?

No, there is no other sequel to Gone girl. The movie Gone girl explained the life of two deeply in-love writers who after marriage turned complicated or complex. The husband hardly gives time to his wife. The wife planned her disappearance to make things more complicated for him.

Q3. Is Gone Girl a scary movie?

No, it is not a scary one, but it is a fantastic thriller. More of a mystery. Gone Girl is a mystery explaining the disappearance of a famous writer Amy, who is also the wife of Dunnes, another famous New York writer.

Q4. What is the genre of the movie?

The Gone Girl was released in 2014. It is a psychological thriller. The movie is a mystical drama directed by David Fischer. It explains the mystical vanishing of writer Amy.

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