May 27, 2024


No doubt, hair cutting scissors are the most important tool of a hairdresser. Hairdressing scissors determine how quickly your hands become fatigued. You can work for long hours with a professional hair cutting scissor without any fatigue.

Here is a brief guide on the factors that you need to keep in your mind while choosing professional hair cutting scissors.

Factors to Analyze While Picking Professional Hairdresser Scissors:

1.     Comfort

Comfort is the most important thing in working. Ensure that you select scissors that feel comfortable in your hand. Repetitive use of uncomfortable scissors can cause hand fatigue. Long-term use may bring the chance of incurring carpal tunnel syndrome. It may also cause repetitive strain injury.

2.     Size:

Another essential thing to examine in the selection of professional hairdresser scissors is their size. When it comes to precise hair cutting, smaller scissors of size 4.5″ and 5, 5″ are best.

Always choose the scissor for cutting according to the size of your palm.

3.     Blade:

Usually, scissors come with two types of scissor blades, convex edge and beveled edge. Convex edge scissors give you a smooth cutting experience. Convex scissor blades are created with a shallow arc at the backside of blades. Usually, the blade sharpening cost of convex scissors is higher.

Beveled blades have sharp, honed cutting edges into blades of scissors. The cutting blades of shear are sharpened to a fine edge point, just like a razor blade. They don’t have much maintenance cost but don’t cut as smoothly as convex shears.

4.     Scissor Handle:

Both level and even handle shears almost have the same type of handles. On the other hand, offset scissors have one handle longer than the other handle that keeps the elbow and arm in a lower position while cutting.

Crane handle shears are similar to offset handle scissors. It is suitable for the lower elbow position for hair cutting. You can select the best scissor for hair cutting according to your needs and preferences.

5.     Sharpening:

On-time maintenance and sharpening of your tools are very important.  You should sharpen your scissors at least one time after every 12 months. You should ensure the use of the best hair shears for cutting. Convex blade scissors are best if you can afford them.

6.     Professional Qualities:

You can cut hairs easily by using convex or beveled blade scissors. However, the hair cutting process can become much easier and comfortable with the use of high-quality haircutting scissors. You should use professional hair cutting scissors.

You can use thinning scissors for thinning hairs. It comes with an average of 25 teeth on its blade. Moreover, you can use texturing scissors for adding a design finish at the end of hair cutting.

7.     Screw System:

Many cutting shears have flat or normal screw systems to adjust the tension of the scissor. But such kinds of scissors need a screwdriver for adjusting or fixing the tension of the shear. So many people prefer the use of cutting scissors with an adjustable screw. It allows you to open or fix the small adjustment screw by using your hand to the required tension.

Final Verdict:

Cutting scissors are the most important business tool for hairdressers. Either they have to create beautiful haircuts or just want to restyle an existing style; they need a good pair of scissors.

A professional hair cutting scissors pair helps hairdressers to work more efficiently. An experienced hairdresser knows well the qualities of a good pair of scissors. Here is a complete guide for beginners on what things they should consider for selecting professional hair scissors.

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