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Well, if you like to watch videos in groups online then you would have definitely come across the Rabb.it. It was a popular video streaming website and mobile application launched in 2014.

The use of this platform is simple. Anyone can be the host and create a room using an application or website. Then others will join in it and then the host will share the content online and all can view it. This functionality made it popular in no time because no other such video streaming was providing it.

However, there are some alternatives to this platform that users might be using. This article will be discussing that.

Top Alternatives to Rabbit

01. Rave


Rave can be one of the best alternatives to rabbit. It can be the most effective platform for communication across the globe. This rabbit alternatives reddit allows you to connect with your friends and share the content using a mobile, tablet, desktop, and any other gadgets.

Along with sharing videos and music among your friends, it also allows you to keep chatting with them simultaneously. Everything can be performed with ease. Even the design of the application or website of Rave is appealing and gives an outstanding user experience.

It supports multiple other apps like Instagram, Pluto TV, YouTube, Netflix, to watch videos in groups. Even the mobile application is available for Android and iOS, both. Therefore, this is why it’s the best rabb.it alternative.

02. AndChill

Another very popular video sharing platform that can be the best option as an alternative to rabb.it.

AndChill makes it easy and interesting to chat with friends and share videos online. You can create a virtual room of your friends and connect using various devices. Even you can create a room without any registration on the platform. You can enjoy the video by sitting at the place you want and get the best user experience. So, you can use this platform as the best rabbit alternatives reddit.

03. Netflix party

The name Netflix is popular when it comes to online content. Specifically, the younger generation whenever sees the logo design of Netflix, their eyes will be brighter. It is able to cover a wide range of users towards their platform.

The basic requirement to use this platform is to install the Google Chrome extension to enjoy streaming with others. The real-time chat option makes it even more interesting to use. However, one thing to know about Netflix party is that it can only be available with the Chrome browser, so all the users should be using it only. Otherwise, all the things remain easy and quick to follow.

04. ShareTube

ShareTube lets you sync YouTube videos in the group. Here also you can create them and invite friends to join you. The process is simple enough where you can directly send the YouTube link and let others join in.

Without creating an account your friends can join the room and can enjoy the content you share. Thus, this is how it can be the best alternatives to rabb.it along with plenty of features and functionality.

05. Metastream

One another very popular and among the best alternatives to rabb.it. It gives you a lot of similar features to Rabbit. It gives you the great experience of video streaming with a better experience, live chat, and many other advantages.

Moreover, it also supports streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and a lot of others. That means it can be the best platform to enjoy live video streaming with friends across the globe just using various devices and getting connected.

06. Syncplay

Syncplay is a popular video streaming platform available in Windows, macOS, Linux, and almost every operating system. Here you can download the content on your computer and then play it using any media player and others can join you.

It can be one of the best alternatives to rabbits however, with some limitations you can not do live chat in the room you have created. So, with these many benefits, it can be the best platform to virtually join everyone and enjoy music, videos online.

07. Watch2gether

The name suggests it lets you join all together and watch videos. You can easily create your private room virtually without even signing up and let others join you. And then you can stream video, music or even you can do live chat even with GIF features with all of the people in the group.

Additionally, it supports platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and a lot of others. That means, select any media from the and enjoy it in the room you created. That means if you chose this platform as an alternative to the rabb.it then it will never be the wrong choice.

08. Kosmi

Kosmi can be the best platform to hang out with friends virtually. That means it’s one of the perfect alternatives to rabb.it that people have accepted.

Even without installation or sign up on the platform, users can enjoy the features of it. Such as creating a room, communicating through live chat or microphone, and a lot of others.

Some of the practices that you can perform here are sharing screens along with Netflix, amazon prime, and some other sites. Even users can watch sync local videos as well as YouTube videos as well. You can also start NES or SNES emulator and can be played with all members of the group. Thus, this is how it can be the best platform for creating online rooms and enjoying videos online.

09. Synaptop

Synaptop is an outstanding platform if you want to get connected with friends remotely. This web-based service lets you chat and sync videos only with anyone.

Not only that, this platform lets you read books, collaborate on projects, listen to music, play games, and a lot many other things can be possible. That means it can be a one-stop solution for all types of remote works. So, it won’t be the wrong choice to use this platform as a rabb.it alternative.

10. Twoseven

Twoseven is the best video sharing platform and one of the foremost rabb.it alternatives. Watch YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo videos together with anyone sitting in any corner of the globe using this platform. But you need to add an extension of this to utilize this feature.

This platform comes with functionality like a live webcam, maximum video streaming, and the real-time user experience makes it popular among users. So, if you are looking for rabbit alternatives reddit that can support endless streaming with your friends remotely then this would be the best option.

11. Airtime

One of the best rabbit alternatives reddit platforms if you are looking for a mobile application. It has a great Android and iOS application that gives a seamless experience to the user.

The Airtime will definitely fit your requirement as it comes with plenty of features. Such as watching YouTube videos together, listening to music, live group chats with GIFs, and a lot more ways to interact with group members. Even it supports audio commentary and media playback at the same time.

Furthermore, the interaction makes it interesting when you can send photos, video clips, text while watching videos. That means, with these many benefits, it’s a perfect replacement for the Rabbit.

12. Mycircle.tv

Another very popular and best rabbit alternatives reddit. This web-based platform is easy to set up and use. You do not need to sign up on the website to use it. Even without that you can create a private room virtually and let others join them. You can share a link to your room to let others join in.

This platform is integrated with multiple popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and whatever you play in it will sync with the other group members. Even the GIF, emojis in the chat section makes it interesting and keeps everyone connected. However, it does not have a feature of webcam and audio message chat.

13. Tutturu

One more best option to the Rabb.it. It provides all the required features for video streaming as Rabbit was offering.

Here, you do not need to download any extension, just log in to the platform and start using it. Then all your friends can join in the room. Now, you can use other sites like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo to watch videos and enjoy them with group members virtually. The best part of this platform is, it’s completely free of cost. However, for web access, you need to pay $5 but not required as you will have all the features free of cost.

How to use Rabb.it

Rabb.it is an online platform that lets you stream video online with friends sitting anywhere in the world. Users can stream videos from Netflix, YouTube, and almost all types of platforms available. Not only this, it makes things even more interesting by adding a live chat option in it where users can keep interacting with them easily. They have made the platform so easy to use for everyone, even beginners can also manage all the things.

One of the first things that users need to do is sign up on the website using their Facebook profile or by entering your details like name, user name, password, email id, etc. Then after logging in, you will get your own Rabb.it room from where you can manage all the activity. By clicking on the cast, you are allowed to add any other application to watch videos. So, this is how it will work.

Wapping up

Rabb.it is not only a video streaming website, but it also connects people across the globe in a single place for entertainment purposes. The videos, music can be experienced with our friends and family by sitting anywhere on the globe. The above-mentioned are the best alternative to the Rabb.it that you can use.

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